Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pet Sales

   Lately I have been dabbling with pet sales.  One of the things I like best about selling pets is the deposit on auctioning a caged pet is low, a mere one silver to run a twenty-four hour auction.  It would take me a hundred listings before I even lost a single gold piece.  Pet sales are slow, at least on my server, but I am going to wager most pets, if priced right, should sell within a week or two.  

  This guide assumes that you are a veteran pet battler and that you have the Tamer title.  If you are a complete novice to the world of pet battling, you will not be able to go after the quested pets I mention below, but you will be able to farm the pets from the raids, as well as deal with the vendored pets.

   The first order of business is determining what pets are cageable and where they are obtained from.  The two broad categories of tradeable pets that you will regularly deal with are pets that drop from instances/raids and pets that are purchased from vendors.  Sure there is the Guardian Cub which is a tradeable pet purchased from the pet store, or pets like the feline familiar that are obtained during seasonal events, but raid drops and vendors are the two common sources you will be dealing with on a regular basis.

   So here is a table of easily farmed pets from instances and raids.  A well geared 90 should be able to solo farm for most if not all of these pets.  This list is not all inclusive.  The drop rates on most of these guys is in the neighborhood of 10-15%, so if you regularly farm these instances you should routinely be acquiring pets to sell, especially if you have multiple 90s to farm with.
Lil’ Bad Wolf
Menagerie Custodian
Fiendish Imp
Phoenix Hawk Hatchling
The Eye
Lesser Voidcaller
The Eye
Pocket Reaver
The Eye
Serpentshrine Caverns
Tainted Waveling
Serpentshrine Caverns

 As I said, the list is not all inclusive, but these are eight tradeable pets that are easily farmed.  You can see that all of them command a decent amount of gold based on their mean auction value (I used mean Alliance value).  To the drop list, you can add doing the four Pandarian Spirit Tamer Quests (adds another four pets for you to possibly obtain) and the three beasts of fable quests (adds another three possible pets to obtain).  These pets also will generally auction for 1000 gold or more.

     The list of vendor pets is huge.  This guide will focus on two of these pets.  It’s just my instinct that these pets have enough of a cool factor and enough obscurity as being obtained from a vendor that they will sell.   The two vendor pets I flip are the Ghostly Skull and the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, both of which are purchased from vendors in Dalaran.  To add value to these pets, both of which are of uncommon (green) quality, I use a stone to make them rares.  If you regularly do the beasts of fable and pandaren spirit tamers, you will be swimming in stones.  Count on getting a couple hundred gold for each of these that you auction. 

   You can also try leveling some of the little critters you plan to auction.  There are numerous guides out there that explain how to level a pet to 25 in an hour or so, if you don’t already know how to do this.  You don’t necessarily have to raise your pets to 25 either.

    This week I have made around 10K in pet sales.  I know this hardly makes a goblin extraordinaire, but it’s enough money to make me happy.  Most of what I earn, I simply spend on pets that elude me or that I am too lazy to go out and farm.