Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jeremy Feasel: Pet Battle Guide

   I am out of town for the week, so that means no Warcraft for me, since WoW and crappy hotel internet do not play together well.  I’ve decided to run home (a 10 hour drive) for the weekend for the express purpose of doing the Celestial Tournament, since another win will get me my third pet (who will be Chi-Chi).  Then it’s back to Azerothian exile for the week before things return to normal.

   Despite being out of town, I did want to keep up with this blog.  I worked up the nerve to submit my last post to The Power Word Gold Hatchery the other day.  I am already at work on a detailed guide to doing my favorite pet tamer/rare hunting circuit, and I have promised myself to include graphics for this one.

   I wanted to include at least one useful tidbit in this post, instead of it being a mere update of what I’ve been up to, so here is my guide to battling Jeremy Feasel, the Darkmoon Fair pet master.  The team I put together is actually a fusion of many different posted strategies I have run across for beating this guy.

   Jeremy Feasel will open the fight with his pet ‘Judgment’ which is essentially a Darkmoon Eye on steroids.  Judgment belongs to the magic family and all of his abilities are magic abilities.  My opening pet is a Pocket Reaver.  The Reaver is a mechanical, so all of Judgments’ abilities are weak against my opening pet.  I chose the following move set for my Reaver:  Metal Fist, Quake, and Fel Immolate; or in shorthand 1,2,1 .  Below is how my rotation goes on the Pocket Reaver:
                     Round 1: Quake
                     Round 2: Quake continues
                     Round 3: Quake continues
                     Round 4: Fel Immolate
                     Round 5: Metal Fist
                     Round 6: Quake
                     Round 7: Quake continues
                     Round 8: Quake continues

   Around round 8 or 9, Judgment should go down.  At this point your Reaver will be low on health, if he hasn’t already died and activate his failsafe.  Jeremy Feasel will bring out Honky-Tonk for his next pet, which is just a super-charged Darkmoon Tonk.  Honky-Tonk belongs to the mechanical family and all the abilities he uses against you are likewise mechanical.  The Reaver’s Fel Immolate ability is an elemental attack and therefore is strong versus mechanicals, like Honky-Tonk.  Spam this ability until your Reaver goes down.  Honky-Tonk will already be banged up from eating all the quakes.

     Once your Reaver goes down, bring out a Celestial Dragon.  The move set to use on this guy is 1,2,2 .  If Honky-Tonk has plenty of health open with Starfall and follow up the next round with Arcane Storm, this allows Arcane Storm to gain a damage boost.  If Honky-Tonk is near death cast Arcane Storm immediately.  Either way, once you have cast Arcane Storm, follow up with spamming flamethrower.  It is imperative that the weather be arcane winds when Feasel’s last pet comes out, as the weather effect will prevent the last pet’s stun.

   Jeremy Feasel’s last pet is Fezwick, an annoying Darkmoon Monkey that belongs to the beast family.  He uses two beast attacks and a humanoid attack.  As mentioned above, the weather MUST be arcane winds when Fezwick comes out, so that his stun ability is negated.  If your Celestial Dragon is still up, continue to spam Flamethrower and use Arcane Storm on cool down.

   Once your Celestial Dragon goes down, your third and last pet can be any hard hitting mechanical pet, using mechanical abilities of your choice.  I personally use a Son of Animus, but a more obtainable pet would be the Darkmoon Tonk. 

   I have used this team against Jeremy Feasel about a half dozen times and I have yet to lose.  With the next fair being a few weeks out, you have plenty of time to obtain and level the pets I mentioned.